Thursday, 20 April 2017

Effective WordPress solutions for building product demo

You created an awesome WordPress plugin or a truly сreative theme. That’s amazing. But if you buzz about your creation with the only intention to sell, it’s less likely gonna work in these times and days. Users want to have more understanding of what you offer, namely, not only read about the product (what if you are just a perfect writer?) but to see real examples and even try the product before the purchase. The truth is, not only renowned membership-based WordPress communities can provide this option, but on-budget developers with a single project as well. And it doesn’t necessarily involve manual tinkering with multisite network in order to create a demo. It’s doable with ready-made WordPress tools that help build front-end demo and back-end trials to lure more customers.
But the question is different: do developers want to supply the prospects with demos and free trials? No matter if the goal is to sell or just increase downloads. This was the question I asked myself after reviewing one of the demo plugin solutions and tracking its progress on the market.
While demos and trials are not new for WordPress plugins and theme providers, many developers are either


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