Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Microcaching WordPress in Nginx to Improve Server Requests by 2,400%

We’ve talked a lot about WordPress performance and hosting WordPress here at Delicious Brains. A common theme amongst those articles is the importance of page caching and how it’s arguably the best way to improve the performance of your WordPress site: …if you’ve opted to self-host or have no alternative but to use shared hosting, page caching is without a doubt the single biggest thing you can enable to make your site fly.
However, we’ve also alluded to the fact that page caching is difficult to implement on highly dynamic sites:
Performance optimization is a lot more difficult for highly dynamic sites where the content updates frequently, such as those that use bbPress or BuddyPress. In these situations, it’s often required to disable page caching on the dynamic sections of the site (the forums for example).
In these circumstances page caching still has its place but the duration of the cache has to be significantly reduced. This is known as microcaching. Microcaching is a technique where content is cached for a very short period of time, usually in the range of 1-10 seconds.
In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how to configure WordPress
Source: https://managewp.org/articles/14950/microcaching-wordpress-in-nginx-to-improve-server-requests-by-2-400

source https://williechiu40.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/microcaching-wordpress-in-nginx-to-improve-server-requests-by-2400/

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