Sunday, 23 April 2017

What’s New in OceanWP: Scripts & Styles Panel and Woo Elements Positioning

In this new version of OceanWP and Ocean Extra, you’ll be able to activate or deactivate almost all the theme’s scripts and styles, this way if you do not use certain features, you will be able to remove the JavaScript or CSS associated to improve the loading speed of your site. How It Works
By default, you have a CSS and JS file that group all the theme functionality, so if you do not use or need some features, for example the Full Screen header style, you will still have its CSS or JS associated. it is not ideal.
You will no longer have this issue, just go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Theme Panel > Scripts & Styles and disable all CSS and JS you will not need.
When disabling a script, a CSS and JS file will be automatically created in the uploads folder of your site and displayed in front end instead of the default files.
WooCommerce Elements Positioning
In this version, you’ll also be able to re-organize or hide all the elements of your WooCommerce products in the catalog.
I also activated this feature for the summary of your single products, I did not do it for all elements (image + summary, tabs, up-sell products, related products) because I do


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