Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How to Optimize WordPress Performance Even if You Aren’t a Techie

This article is a guide on how to optimize WordPress performance. The objective here is to help you improve your WordPress website so that it delivers better results, whatever your goals. This advice is focused on helping non-techies optimize the performance of their WordPress websites, with as little effort as possible. However, we’ll also briefly touch on some more advanced tactics you can consider for the future.
A word of warning, though, before attempting to optimize and improve your site or updating and modifying it in any way, it’s highly recommended that you backup your WordPress website first, just in case something goes wrong. You have been warned!
Bonus: Get the How to Optimize WordPress Performance Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet will outline all the steps and tasks identified in this post to help you put these recommendations in practice.
Why is WordPress Performance Optimization Important?
Optimize essentially means to make the most of something and in the context of this guide, we’re talking about helping you get the best out of your WordPress website. As you’ll soon see, site performance improvements can be achieved in many different ways.


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