Wednesday, 19 April 2017

With Safe Updates you’ll never worry about WordPress updates again!

Last week we wrote the Safe Updates announcement and why you should be excited about it. Today I am happy to announce launch of Safe Updates – an automated process that ensures your update of WordPress core, plugins and themes is safer than ever. Best of all? Safe Updates is completely free for everyone with the premium Backup add-on!
There are many great things you could say about WordPress, but keeping it up to date is not one of them. You have to constantly update your websites, since exploits show up all of the time. At the same time, these updates require verification and tend to break your websites in so many ways. Having to go into each website and test it manually can be time consuming and not very efficient.
With Safe Updates this is no longer the case. With a click of a button you can perform updates on any website and we show you any errors you might have. We check the entire website for any changes, and let you make the decision if you want to accept them or roll back.
Safe Updates is a fantastic new feature that takes the pain out of your update cycles. We built it with the goal of helping you scale updates across dozens of websites. Safe Updates will allow you to:


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