Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New WPML Feature – Translate Entire Elementor Page From One Place

Elementor is a page builder that allows users to control the styling and content of their site easily. This allows them to build any desired design with Elementor and translate the texts using WPML. What you need
Essential Resources
Later, you can refer to some of its subtopics, such as Theme and Plugin Localization and String Translation. We recommend that you keep this guide open while following this tutorial.
Elementor Documentation provides you with all information needed to set up Elementor’s different features.
Getting Started
Set up WPML from WPML -> Languages. See our WPML Getting Started Guide for complete reference. The initial three-step setup is simple and self-explanatory. It asks you to choose your default language, a set of active languages, and a language selector.
First install and activate the core WPML plugins (WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management, WPML Page Builders). Then install the other WPML plugins that may depend on these core plugins.
Install Elementor and activate it.
A notification displays at the top of the WordPress dashboard that enables you to easily activate the WPML Translation Editor with a single


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