Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Genesis 2.5 Now Available

We are happy to announce that, after several months of work, Genesis 2.5 is available and ready for you to download. In Genesis 2.4, we began the process of expanding our Markup API to allow for nearly universal markup control. Through filters, you can modify the HTML element, modify the attributes, add additional microdata, or disable the output completely.
We also began removing the legacy XHTML from the main output functions: The output logic is now its own file, which doesn’t load unless you’re running an older theme that doesn’t support HTML5.
Genesis 2.5 will continue to add new elements to the list of those that have been passed through the Markup API. It will extract more and more of those last bits of XHTML logic, as well.
We made significant progress, both in conversation and code, in starting to move Genesis into a better-organized, more object-oriented direction. This work will continue into 2.6, but the steps taken so far are as much examples for future development as they are code improvements.
In addition, we’ve tried to extract large blocks of HTML that were previously mixed in with large blocks of PHP in order to move them into their own files.


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