Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Interview with BlogVault CEO about the Security Breach

During this interview Akshat explains what happened during the BlogVault security incident, how he and his team found out about it, its aftermath, and how did the public react to their announcements and transparent approach. A lot of noise is made when a popular WordPress website or service is hacked, but not much is done to cover the aftermath and the recovery process. On the 6th of February BlogVault CEO Akshat Choudhary announced that their online WordPress backup service suffered a security breach. Akshat and his BlogVault team were very transparent about what happened and during the recovery process. They;
alerted all their customers via email of the breach,
announced it publicly,
issued an update for their plugin to address the issue within hours,
cleaned the websites of those customers’ who had an infected website,
opened a chat channel and were readily available to answer and assist all their customers,
kept the public posted of the progress and released all possible details.
It turned out that the BlogVault service was not hacked, but a number of WordPress websites were hacked through a vulnerability in their plugin. The good news is that within a few days Akshat and


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