Monday, 24 April 2017

WordPress needs curation

I really want to help WordPress but I think what is most needed isn’t a new editor or more guidelines but rather someone to take all the stuff in this fractured ecosystem and bring it together. Get rid of all the crap and only show people the stuff worth using. My first attempt at this is with plugins. Currently when you go to add new plugins you are given two screens (Featured & Recommended) that I don’t (and likely most new users don’t) find all that useful.
For example, let’s take the featured tab. I took a screenshot of it right before making this post and the top four plugins it recommends are BuddyPress, Theme Check, bbpress, WP Super Cache. Those are fine plugins but how many new users do you think will actually use any of them.
Then look at the recommended tab. It’s a bit better but I don’t think the above four plugins are what a new user is looking for. I don’t know if this is really a problem you can solve with code. I honestly believe that a bit of manual curation is necessary. Manual curation isn’t all that uncommon. Look at the App Store or Play store they put together collections of apps all the time.
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