Thursday, 20 April 2017

Introducing Sitechecks

Today I’m thrilled to introduce our latest service, sitechecks. If you’re looking for an expert-driven comprehensive review of your WordPress website, take a look at sitechecks. The first car I ever purchased for myself with my own money was a Hyundai Sonata. It was a beautiful Oscar the Grouch green color and I still remember the used car salesman’s eyes when I agreed to buy the car. They lit up like a Christmas tree!
I figured his excitement was because he was new on this job and this was his first sale. Turned out he was a veteran used car salesman and couldn’t believe that some twenty-something moron was ready to drive an actual flaming pile of garbage off his lot.
Over the years that car would require more money in repairs than the car was worth.
I became intimately familiar with every mechanic in town. I knew which ones were running game, who was trying to make a quick cash grab, and finally found one that I knew I could trust with any needed car repairs.
One of the first signals that I knew I had found the right repair shop is that the mechanic (his name was Shane) insisted I leave the car with him for an entire day so he could really dig in and identify


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