Wednesday, 19 April 2017

I am Sonja Leix, Independent Digital Strategist and Web Designer. Ask Me Anything!

Hello! I’m Sonja and I work remotely designing websites for clients all over the world. I don’t specialize in an industry, the way I work is how I differentiate myself. In all things design I focus on a content and user centric design approach and use research and a deep discovery phase to inform my design decisions. I work directly with my clients in a very collaborative way, and occasionally join agencies on their projects as well. I cover the full project cycle from Discovery, UX, Visual Design, to Theme Development, but also often collaborate with other experts.

My background is design, I worked as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years back in Germany, where I grew up. I aspired to move into web design for a while before I created the opportunity when I moved to New York City in 2009. This is where I first learned about WordPress and connected to the local community. I can say with certainty and affection that the community drew me into using WordPress and actively being involved for so many years now. I certainly found family there and so much support.

I contribute back to the open source project in several ways. Currently my primary focus is helping organize WordCamp Europe in Paris. I lead the design team (amazing people!!) and am very excited to see you all in Paris in June (there are still tickets available!). I also contribute to the Polyglots team by translating plugins into German and from time to time speak at WordCamps and other events. The talk I’m most proud of, mainly because I felt the most vulnerable and I was able to connect with the audience the most, was my talk about the Impostor Syndrome during WCEU last year.

Being a freelancer hasn’t always been easy. I had to learn a lot of things the hard way and I am happy to help any of you avoid some of my mistakes. To me, as a business owner it’s curcial to create a network of support. I am grateful to have found that within the WordPress community and in other amazing mentors, so I’d like to pay it forward.

I left NYC a couple years ago to embark on a journey of ultimate freedom as a location-independent designer. 20 months, 34 cities, and 11 countries later I found home in Boulder, Colorado last Fall. I love what I do, the flexibility of working remotely and being able to make my own schedule is priceless! When I’m AFK I try to be in nature as much as possible. Boulder is an amazing place to live and be active. I climb, snowboard, bike, and hike. I also still travel a lot. I’m currently in Europe to prep for WordCamp Europe and visit family in Germany. Today I’m saying hello from Krakow, Poland.

Now it’s your turn. Ask Me Anything!


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