Friday, 21 April 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Valuable Content People Give a Crap About

You probably heard, at one point, that you need to create valuable content for your readers. Why?
Because that’s how you get exposure. Because that’s how you drive more targeted traffic to your site. Because that’s how you get readers so hooked on your content, they become click-hungry subscribers.
But creating content that generates those results isn’t easy.
In fact, most content that people believe is valuable, is frighteningly sub par.
But, if you’re serious about improving your craft, and the way you create content, you’re in luck.
Bonus: Download a free worksheet as a guide to make your next content extra valuable for your readers.
Because in today’s post, I’m going to share tips that almost guarantees that every piece of content that you publish is valuable.
But You’re Probably Wondering …
What actually makes content “valuable”?
To get the answer, I asked some pretty big online influencers like:
Sam Hurley from Optim-Eyez:
And Jay Baer from Convince and Convert:
And as good as their answers were, I still wanted the opinions of more marketers.
So, I decided to conduct a survey of 276 bloggers and marketers


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