Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Get your ad revenue back with the AdBack plugin for WordPress

Here’s the least-controversial statement ever: People uniformly claim to hate online ads. However, that doesn’t exactly square with the fact that even readily despised pop-up ads are effective. People say they hate them, but enough people click on them and convert to make them a viable revenue-enhancing strategy for online publishers trying to monetize their websites. Still, 73% of digital users profess to hate pop-up ads. And 80% of users say they’ve left a site or page because of a pop-up or an autoplaying video ad.
So what do they do? You know the answer already: They install ad blocking software or browser plug-ins. While this is understandable somehow, it also hurts publishers who don’t make use of intrusive ads. In this post we’ll cover why ad blockers can become a real problem for the online publishing industry and what you can do to protect your online ad revenue.
The problem with ad blockers
The problem with ad blockers is, of course, one of lost revenue opportunities for you, the site owner who depends on ads displayed on your site for part of your income stream. After all, you can’t earn money or a conversion from a user who never sees


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