Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What is an API? Cody Landefeld Breaks it Down for Store Owners

In Episode 69 we are venturing into the tech side of online stores. As a shop owner, or even someone who is monetizing their WordPress site, you may have heard people throw around the term API. For many, it’s just another acronym they don’t understand. Others hear it lot, kind of get it, but still are not really clear on what the heck all these developers are talking about—especially when they are talking to you about your project. The API is good to understand if you are running an online store. And to put it more in layman’s terms, we brought in Cody Landefeld, co-founder of the agency Mode Effect, to help us break it down. Cody has been explaining this to his non-tech clients for quite some time, and is bringing his expertise to today’s show.
We chatted about:
What the heck is the API and why should store owners care
How it plays such an important role in WooCommerce
Why it’s important for a developer or agency to clarify what an API is and its role with their clients
Some of the great applications and integrations in the WooCommerce space
How ongoing maintenance is a big factor with the API
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