Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How to customize WordPress comment notification emails

ordPress comments have been the part of the built since its inception and as WordPress has evolved consistently with need of time and technologies, so has the commenting system. WordPress has come a long way from starting as a blogging platform to be more like an application framework which acquires almost 24% of the whole web till date and comment system has evolved equally being an integral part of WordPress. Keeping with the evolution, with WordPress version 4.4 there would be a change in the comment section structure and henceforth comment textarea would come first, followed by name, email and website, by default. While working in a food guide project, which has like thousands of posts and hundreds of users, ends up getting hundreds of comments everyday, resulting in filling up my clients mailbox with the moderation/notification mails. As the client and the team logs in almost every day and moderates the comments, they wanted to get away with the emails they were getting. This blog is all about how I did it and what else can be done.
Comments moderation and new comment notifications can be enabled and disabled from the Settings >> Discussion. You can check more details about


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