Friday, 21 April 2017

HeroPress Partners With WPShout to Offer WordPress Education Scholarships

HeroPress has teamed up with Alex Denning, Fred Meyer, and David Hayes of WPShout to offer 10 copies of Up and Running Second Edition at the deluxe tier. The deluxe tier is valued at $249 and includes everything the course has to offer including video tutorials, creating a theme and child theme, screencast series, creating a WordPress plugin, and more. The scholarship applications are geared towards three groups of people:
Those in financial hardship (unemployment, jobseeking, students or underemployment).
Those in low-income countries without the means to purchase the course.
Under-represented groups in tech and the WordPress community, including but not limited to:
Transgender applicants
BAME applicants
Those who qualify have until May 9th to fill out the application. Five members of the WordPress community make up a panel that will review the applications and choose 10 recipients who they feel are deserving of the award. HeroPress will then tally the selections and those with the most votes will be awarded a scholarship. In case of a tie, HeroPress will be the deciding vote. The five panelists are:
Maedah Batool (Creative Director at WPTie, Pakistan).
Ana Silva (Digital Marketer


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