Tuesday, 18 April 2017

10 Reasons Why Your WordPress Theme Doesn’t Make Enough Sales

I’m not sure about your “enough”, but when it comes to money, it feels like it’s always not enough. And there are usually reasons why you competitors hustle better and sell more. Especially in the WordPress space, where you compete with thousands of creative and professional folks from around the globe. If you are sure that your WordPress theme is of good code quality and design and it still doesn’t generate enough sales, then something is wrong with its presentation or promotion. And that’s why you stuck.
Let’s now list some common reasons for the problem we are talking about. What if one of them will help you break out this stagnation?
No way. Why? This is the first thing you should do unless your WordPress theme is premium.
“Freemium” pricing model is the most used in WordPress space because it has proved its efficiency with lots of small websites and established brands. It allows you to offer your prospects a free theme with limited options and the “all-inclusive” within a paid version. Users love this idea and are often happy to upgrade to Pro if your product is what they need.
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