Wednesday, 12 April 2017

eCommerce Platforms and WordPress Plugins: Moving Between Them with Patrick Garman

In Episode 67, we look at the transition that many online store owners face. are faced when moving their site from an eCommerce platform to a self-hosted site with a WordPress plugin or visa versa. There can be many reasons behind a decision like this, and, of course, challenges as well. To help us better prepare you for that move, we invited Patrick Garman from Mindsize to share with us his own experiences and what he has learned from helping many clients through this transition. We chatted about:
Clarifying what it means to use a platform or plugin for your online store
Some of the reasons online store owners make this transition
The challenges of moving from an eCommerce platform to a WordPress plugin, using WooCommerce and Shopify as examples
The challenges of moving from an WordPress eCommerce plugin to a platform, using the same examples
Why developers on both sides are adamant about their own choice, but are they becoming more open-minded for their clients’ sake?
Patrick’s largest challenge when working with a client on this kind of a transition
What Patrick has experienced with the recent update of WooCommerce 3.0 and his tips on hitting that update button


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