Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Enterprise Website Development: 7 Critical Considerations for Choosing WordPress

Enterprise Website Development: 7 Critical Considerations for Choosing WordPress Building (or rebuilding) a venture site is, by definition, a colossal undertaking.
The exact opposite thing you need is to put your venture’s assets into the wrong system, which could set you back a significant number of dollars and innumerable squandered hours.
Why Choose WordPress for Enterprise-Level Development?
WordPress is the top Content Management System (CMS), used on about one out of every four websites around the world.
The difference between designing applications for enterprise customers or consumers has narrowed rapidly over the years, as features and capabilities give end users real choices.
The fact that 65% of CMS driven websites use WordPress is proof that it’s the CMS of choice.
Users find features and applications they enjoy in WordPress, and adapt features to their own tastes.
Because it’s open source WordPress is able to scale infinitely and makes significant updates to their infrastructure and platform on a rolling basis.
At this point, it makes more sense to apply consumer thinking to enterprise-level products, as WordPress users can have high functionality and
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