Thursday, 13 April 2017

How To Automate the Content Creating Process with Guest Articles

You are a blogger or owner of an online magazine and want allow other authors to contribute to your site in form of guest articles? Usually there are a lot of steps involved from getting in contact with the author, deciding on the content and topic, reviewing the article, adding the article to your website, formatting and editing, picture and video embedding, reviewing the article again (often from a master editor) to finally publish the article. This process can take weeks or months for some companies.
If you are a WordPress user this headache can be solved with an innovative plugin called BuddyForms which enables users (authors) to create and submit articles directly from your frontend. As an admin you can manage this articles in an efficient way now. The posts will be pending and for you in review before they go live. Also BuddyForms is the only plugin on the market that is not removing a published article from the website for editings that may happen afterwards. It just saves the old one and as soon the post is finished with editing it will automatically save the new version. That way it’s still readable for the page visitors.
In the settings you can control as well the management


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