Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Imagify Review: A Quality WordPress Image Optimization Plugin – Create and Code

Did you know that the average web page’s file size is made up of ~63% images? So if you want to speed up your WordPress site, one of the best things you can do is shrink your images’ sizes. And one of the best ways to shrink your images’ sizes is…with a WordPress image optimization plugin. Imagify is one of those plugins. Imagify gives you three different levels of automatic image compression as well as automatic image resizing.
In my Imagify review, I’ll tell you a little about the plugin’s features, show you how it works, and then compare its compression to some of the other popular image compression plugins.
Imagify Review: What Do I Like?
Beyond just general automatic image compression, these are the two features which I think set Imagify apart from much of the competition.
Choose Your Approach With Three Different Levels of Compression
Many other image compression plugins either:
Only offer one compression method
More likely, lock some compression methods behind pro versions
So if you want both lossless and lossy compression choices, you normally need to go straight to the pro version. But not with Imagify…
With Imagify, you get three


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