Sunday, 16 April 2017

Tech Conferences Are Plentiful, But WordPress Conferences Are Perfectly Placed

According to Startup Sesame, an alliance of tech events and connectors, every year there are more than 53,000 tech conferences and meetups in Europe. From Trondheim to Moscow to Lisbon, that is a huge number of events; for those in the industry choosing the most relevant conference is one of the challenges of the age.
Sometimes, as there is in June this year, a bottleneck of these get-togethers and potlatches makes it even more congested than usual. For others, however, choosing the right conference is easy, especially for those in the WordPress community.
Last week, WordPress agencies, developers, bloggers, designers and end-users flocked to WordCamp London, a volunteer-based event that has been running since 2013. Over the two-day conference, a very enthusiastic crowd share and debated the open source platform
They will then reconvene in Paris in event-heavy June for WordCamp Europe, the biggest European event of its kind. Last year it hosted more than 2,000 attendees from 68 countries who watched 70 speakers espouse the so-called joy of WordPress.
This year the event will be bigger than ever before with delegates rising to 3,000 people, up 50% on last year. This increase in attendees


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