Sunday, 16 April 2017

WordPress Event Management Plugins

We look at WordPress event management plugins, what do they do, and when will you need specific ones? What if you run recurring events? Say you run a once a year event, and need to sell tickets? What if you’re a musician or band posting gigs? We give our recommendations for these scenarios and more. Our episode this week is sponsored by Liquid Web. Liquid Web is offering a 33% discount for 6 months. Head over to and use the code WPTONIC33 at checkout for your discount.
Our WordPress Panel This Week:
Sallie Goetsch: from WP Fangirl
Lee Jackson: from Angled Crown
Jonathan Denwood: from WP-Tonic
WordPress News Stories for Episode 184
WordPress News Story #1: Advanced WordPress Facebook Group Moves to Curb Low Quality Content with Admin-Approved Posts
WordPress News Story #2: WordPress Editor Experience Survey Shows 75% of Respondents Don’t Use Distraction-Free Writing Mode
WordPress News Story #3: Recommended Reading: Resilient Web Design, a Free e-Book from Jeremy Keith
Main Topic: WordPress Event Management Plugins
We look at a variety of events management plugins in the WordPress ecosystem, and share our opinions and experiences with each.
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