Wednesday, 12 April 2017

5 ways to accelerate your site, in addition to WP Rocket

Disclaimer: this article is targeted to a public with an intermediate to advanced technical knowledge. This is a guest post and opinions are those of the author, not necessarily WP Rocket. Services mentioned are not necessarily official WP Rocket endorsements. Have you found the perfect WP Rocket configuration for your site but you wish to go even further with your optimization? In this article we’re going to give you 5 suggestions to locate and solve the most common causes of slowness for a website, even if you’re already using WP Rocket. And if your site is already fast, these points will help boost its speed!
5 ways to identify why your site is slow, even if WP Rocket is working
1. Identify a poorly coded plugin with a client-side analysis
The first move to identify the critical causes of slowness for your site, is a front-end scan of your page with one of the available web performance tools.
In order to get a more accurate result, before launching your test you should deactivate your cache plugin.
The Tools
Yslow (install it on your browser)
For my tests, I’m going to use Pingdom, since it’s fast to use and presents the results


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