Monday, 17 April 2017

How to Style Your Google Maps

Between the Google Styling Wizard and Snazzy Maps you no longer have to settle for default Google map colors. Why not match them to your site colors like you do everything else? This tutorial will walk you through exactly how to do that. Now, Styling Maps is Easy
Google Maps is such a powerful tool and many websites really just use it for showing a simple location. But one seemingly simple feature has always been extremely complex: colors and styling. That is, until recently.
Since we launched Maps Builder back in 2014 we supported the only way to apply map style themes easily with Snazzy Maps. In our free Maps Builder plugin, you can choose from 16 different preset themes. In our Pro version there are over 80 and if you had the know-how to create your own themes, you could upload them directly into your map. But the part about “if you had the know-how” was the really tricky part.
Recently, Google released it’s own tool for styling maps on your own. And guess what? It creates the color themes in the exact same format Snazzy Maps does so you can upload them directly into Maps Builder Pro today.
Navigating Google Styling Wizard
It may seem relatively easy to say “I


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