Monday, 17 April 2017

50+ Places To Repurpose Your Content: The Ultimate Guide

You’ve spent hours slaving away on your content. You’ve done everything you can to make sure that it is of high quality. You’ve added images. You’ve promoted it on social media. It’s out there. Now what?
We put so much work into our content that it’s a shame to see it relegated to the archives of our blog. This is where repurposing comes in. By repurposing our content for a new site or medium, we give it new life and expose it to more new readers. The big question you’re asking, then, is ‘where are the best places to repurpose my content?‘
You’re in luck. We have 50+ places that you can use to repurpose your content marketing

Syndicate (Repost) Your Content On These Sites
The easiest way to repurpose your content is to simply post it “as-is” on another site. There are several options for this that you can make a part of your process when a new blog post goes live.
Medium blurs the lines between a blogging and a social media platform, and it provides an interesting place to repurpose and republish your content on a shoestring timeline and budget.
You can easily republish your content days, weeks, or even


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