Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I am Kimberly Lipari, Co-Founder at Valet. Ask Me Anything!

Hello! I’m Kimberly, Co-Founder and herder of cats at (formerly WP Valet). Valet is a comprehensive site management agency. We provide larger businesses with the resources to create a stable infrastructure around their websites. Our approach is one of a kind and we really enjoy the variety of folks we get to work with. We’ve had the pleasure of working with folks like Mixergy, Social Media Examiner, Etsy, and Time Inc, to name a few.

We’ve had our share of changes and struggles along the way, but we’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come. We have over 30 active clients and hope to push out a Version 1 of our own SAAS style tool later this year to help folks monitor their website heath in the 5 key areas that matter the most. We had a BETA version out for testing earlier this year, you can peek at the demo here:

My position in Valet ( is a long way from my original career in Engineering Drafting. I graduated in Industrial Technology and spent the next few years designing residential subdivisions, working with professional surveyors, and doing 3D scanning. My husband and I started a family in 2009 and I started a new journey into the WordPress world. I have been enamored with this community ever since my first Word Camp (Miami).

This year my co-founder and I decided to change up or leading roles in the company and I’m moving to more of a General Company Managment role, so taking more of the day to day and directional voice in the company’s future. I’ll still have to manage Operations but I’m incredibly excited about contributing my own ideas to the long-term growth of Valet.

I live in Louisiana, near New Orleans, with my three daughters, husband, and one boy dog. We currently spend as much time as we can fishing and chasing the girls around to Soccer and Softball. My youngest is 3 but going on 13 so our lives are constantly full of glitter and laughter. I love to cook and spend time digging in the dirt whether it’s gardening or turning soil for flowers.

I’d like to read more but usually only get to do so during travel, I really relish those times now! I’ve been a PTO mom, a soccer coach, and so many other things I’d never imagined in the last two years! I’m definitely looking forward to the next adventures coming my way. Oh, and today is my Wedding Anniversary!

Go ahead and Ask me Anything šŸ˜€


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