Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Mergebot Now 92% Faster: Tuning a Laravel App with Blackfire

We just hit a huge milestone in our Mergebot beta by lifting the 1,000 queries per deployment limit . We created Mergebot to make merging WordPress databases easy. When we were building Mergebot, the problems we were focused on solving were so complex that we didn’t really spend much time thinking about optimization or making our code run quickly. However, it became clear that we needed to do something about the performance of the app, especially the performance of our deployment generation jobs, to be able to lift the 1,000 queries per deployment limitation. As part of my work on lifting the limit, I needed to ensure that deployments wouldn’t just fail because of timeouts or hitting memory limits. Enter, Laravel.
As you probably know by now, the Mergebot application is built using Laravel. We use Laravel’s Queue Jobs to handle any long-running processes (e.g. generating a deployment) so that the workload can be offloaded from the web server and scaled separately.
My first port of call when it comes to profiling PHP applications is Blackfire. Blackfire’s premium plans offer all sorts of fancy performance monitoring features, which are definitely worth checking


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