Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Magic Tooltips for Gravity Forms Review & Competition

We are big fans of Gravity Forms here at Winwar Media. It’s a great plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build forms. But from a developer standpoint, it is a dream. You can extend it so much. We’ve built holiday booking forms, quizzes and even a reddit clone using Gravity Forms. It’s superb. Because it’s a huge plugin with a large number of users and it is well supported, it’s no surprise that various plugins have popped up to improve Gravity Forms even further. Today we review one such plugin: Magic Tooltips for Gravity Forms.
Unsurprisingly, Magic Tooltips will add a much needed feature to Gravity Forms – the ability to add Tooltips. I’ve built my own tooltips before and it is rather fiddly, so this was something I needed a few months ago! Here is our review of Magic Tooltips for Gravity Forms
Magic Tooltips for Gravity Forms Review
Installing the plugin is a doddle, and follows the simple way to install plugins as per the usual method of installing plugins in WordPress, and a “Magic Tooltips for Gravity Forms” menu item will appear. To begin with you need to set up the plugin. The settings page will allow you to add a


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