Tuesday, 11 April 2017

WordCamp for Publishers to be Held in Denver, August 17

The first ever WordCamp for Publishers will be held August 17-19 in Denver, Colorado. The niche WordCamp will be open to anyone who uses WordPress to manage a publication, no matter what size. Organizers submitted an application last November and received approval from WordCamp Central in February. A huge thanks to @wordcamp for letting us try this out. It’s the first national WordCamp focused on a specific topic/industry.
— Adam Schweigert (@aschweig) April 6, 2017
In previous planning stages, the event was going to be called “WordCamp for Journalists,” but WordCamp for Publishers is more inclusive of the different types of professionals who are involved in managing publications. Organizers are planning to have tracks with content for engineering, product, and editorial teams. Attendees will work together to collaborate on open source tools for publishers and best practices.
Steph Yiu and Adam Schweigert are the lead organizers of the event. Schweigert used to run engineering at the Institute of Nonprofit News and also led a working group assembled by MIT and the Knight Foundation on CMS-related projects. Yiu was a part of that working group and most of the other
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