Friday, 14 April 2017

GiveWP Review: A Free Donation Plugin With Good in Mind

Churches from all over the world are known for collecting money for the needy. Non-profits focus on more niche categories like animal rights and targeting large corporations to keep bad ingredients out of our food. As long as you’re not running a cult I’d argue that collecting money for any cause is noble. But how do you go about collecting money on your website?
With WordPress you need a donation plugin. A few of them exist, but none are as clean or giving as the GiveWP WordPress plugin.
GiveWP Review
GiveWP has been known to partner with charities and it also provides all sorts of publicity and knowledge-base information for helping non-profits make money and get the word out. Not only that, but the GiveWP plugin is free and the developers don’t take transaction fees. All of their development money is made through the sales of add-ons.
It sounds like a good deal to me, so keep reading this GiveWP review to learn more.
GiveWP Features
With Give WP you start off with a completely free donation plugin. The features are pretty solid for most businesses, but you may also want to expand to the general add-ons. These add-ons are sold for a price, and the bundled options


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